The new AK70MkII is the first dual-DAC high-resolution player from Astell&Kern for less than $1,000… and it’s selling for a lot less than that.

The AK70MkII is the successor to Astell&Kern’s best-selling player, the AK70, which won a Sound&Image Award last year. This MkII version features two major upgrades: two Cirrus Logic CS4398 DACs, one each for the left and right channels, and also has almost twice the power output. Astell&Kern says the 4.0VRMS-rated balanced output can drive any headphones on the market today.

In addition to 3.5mm unbalanced and 2.5mm, 4-pole balanced headphone outputs, the AK70 MkII features digital out via USB, supporting native DSD output via USB through DoP (DSD over PCM) and converting DSD to PCM for output to external USB Audio devices that do not support DoP.

The Astell&Kern AK70 MkII has 64GB of internal flash storage, and its microSD card slot can be used to deliver up to 256GB of additional storage. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, supports OTA firmware updates and streaming music from other devices on the same network, plus it supports the AK ‘Connect’ app, available for iOS and Android devices. It also has a USB DAC function so it can be connected to a Mac or PC to bypass their internal sound card and output hi-res audio direct. Available now, the Astell&Kern AK70MkII sells for $899.

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