Pure Music Group is now the Australian distributor for the AnalogMagik turntable/cartridge set-up system.

Designed in Canada by Richard H. Mak, the AnalogMagik calibration system comes with specially-recorded LPs containing test signals which are analysed by specially written software to allow you to measure and set and/or calibrate platter speed, wow, flutter, azimuth, vertical tracking angle, tracing forced, anti-skating force, cartridge loading, and more. Mak calls it ‘an all-in-one turntable/cartridge set-up system.’

Whilst some programs or electronics have addressed some of these measurements previously, this all-in-one system addresses all the setup parameters in one easy-to-use package,’ says Rom Beyerle, of Pure Magic Group. ‘The program has been in development for more than six years by a team of engineers led by analogue setup expert and long-time audiophile Richard H. Mak.’

Although the system is advertised as being ‘complete’, only the LPs and the software are included, plus a dongle to allow you to access the software. You will still need to invest in a cartridge alignment tool (Mak suggests the Acoustical Systems SMARTtractor, which will cost you around $785. A lower-priced alternative would be the Pro-Ject Alignment tool, at just $199) as well as other small hand tools—screwdrivers, nut clamps and so on—plus, if you don’t already have one, a SoundCard... preferably external.

Although the system comes with complete instructions, AnalogMajik has also created a series of video tutorials so you can see how everything works before buying. You can access the first video in the set by clicking HERE.

The tutorial videos are designed to help educate people on turntable setup and the benefits of using digital tools to fine-tune cartridge set-up to get the most from your valuable turntable system and records,’ said Beyerle. Available now, the AnalogMagik calibration system retails for $989 including shipping.

For more information, contact Pure Music Group