Finnish manufacturer Amphion has redesigned its Argon1 bookshelf loudspeaker by repositioning the bass reflex port, which is now located directly behind the bass driver. ‘The new design improves their already impressive bass response and further enhances the clarity of the midrange,’ said Anssi Hyvönen of Amphion. ‘The sonic presentation is truthful and detailed with a vivid soundstage and a wide sweet spot.’
The Amphion Argon-1 uses a 133mm aluminium-coned bass/midrange driver and a 25mm titanium dome tweeter fronted by a large waveguide. In common with all Amphion designs, the crossover point is at 1.6kHz. ‘This frequency is outside the most sensitive human hearing range, allowing the use of the tweeter in that area, where our hearing is most perceptive,’ said Hyvönen. ‘This way the speakers perform as point-sources despite the tweeter being physically separate from the bass/midrange driver. The specially designed waveguide creates an even dispersion, allowing you to immerse into a room-wide sweet spot.’ Amphion speakers are distributed in Australia by Magenta Audio. Available now, the Amphion Argon1 speakers retail in Australia for $2,330 (RRP) per pair in monochrome and for $2,465 in walnut veneer.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Amphion Argon 1

Frequency response: 45Hz–20kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity: 86dBSPL
Crossover Freq: 1.6kHz
Impedance: 8Ω
Dimensions (HWD): 316×160×265mm
Weight: 8kg
Price: $2,330 per pair (RRP) in monochrome finish

For further information, please contact Magenta Audio