International Dynamics (Interdyn) is now distributing the high-end French headphone brand Aedle in Australia and New Zealand

Aedle is headquartered in Paris, and the headphones are made in Brittany. Aedle co-founders Raphael Lebas de Lacour and Baptiste Sancho said company’s first headphones, the VK-1, were the result of a two-year design process. ‘Aedle was born from our desire to make a pair of headphones with no compromise between sound quality and design,’ they told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. The VK-1 headphones are built from T6066 aircraft-standard aluminium, encased in hand-stitched lambskin leather, have 40mm titanium/neodymium transducers and a passive bass enhancement system. Each pair weighs 215 grams. ‘The Aedle VK-1 uses only the finest materials in its construction and delivers reference-class sound quality with a clean, organic sound,’ said Sam Encel, of International Dynamics. ‘Each pair comes with a travel bag and detachable 3.5mm aramid fibre-coated cable, plus travel adapters.

The Aedle VK-1 is available in two colours: silver and matte black. The silver version is known as the VK-1 Classic and the matte black version as the VK-1 Carbon. Both retail for $599.

For more information, please contact International Dynamics Australasia (IDA)