Acoustic Energy has added an active DSP subwoofer to its 300 Series. It’s designed to integrate perfectly with not only the AE300 stand-mounts but also the AE309s and AE307.

The new Acoustic Energy AE308 DSP subwoofer has a Class-D amplifier rated at 500-watts driving a newly-designed 300mm diameter long-excursion doped and stiffened pulp-fibre driver. ‘The AE308 also features a brand new DSP module which gives greater control over the performance whilst substantially reducing distortion and improving low-frequency control,’ said Dianne Dugandzic, of M&G Hoskins, which distributes Acoustic Energy in Australia. ‘In Music mode the AE308 will perform in a balanced, accurate manner, extending low frequencies of the main speakers naturally and seamlessly down to 26Hz (±6dB), while in Movie mode there will be additional “slam” on offer to aid explosive movie soundtracks in AV systems. There’s also an ‘Impact’ mode that trades outright extension for maximum volume and serious impact, more akin to a club set-up for when you really want to party hard!’

Acoustic Energy’s Managing Director, Mat Spandl, told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine: ‘Rather than just launch a sub to complement our already successful 300 Series, we wanted to design a sub with substance, and one which could hold its own in any system as well as do justice to the rest of the 300 Series speakers.’

The Acoustic Energy AE308 is available for sale now in real wood walnut veneer for $2,050 (RRP) or in piano gloss black or white lacquer for $1,965. It measures 360×360×360mm.

For more information, contact M&G Hoskins