Absolute HiEnd has announced that it is now the official Australian distributor for Absolare amplifiers, signal purifiers and 240V mains distribution devices.

Absolare’s vision of sonic purity is founded upon the principle of collaboration,’ said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd. ‘A dedicated international team of engineers, audio designers and craftsmen meticulously design and assemble Absolare products in the company’s own in-house facilities in the Netherlands and the USA.’

One of Absolare’s most popular amplifiers is its monobloc S.E.T. amplifier, which is so popular the company makes three different versions—‘Passion’, ‘Signature’ and ‘Altius.’ It has won many ‘Best at Show’ awards.

The base S.E.T. monobloc model Passion uses Mundorf custom-matched Silver-Gold-Oil/TubeCap capacitors and Echole’s proprietary Obsession-grade Silver/Gold/Palladium alloy wiring throughout. The ‘Signature’ model also uses custom-matched Silver-Gold-Oil/TubeCap capacitors, but in the signal path itself Duelund’s select CAST coupling capacitors are used. All wiring in the Signature version is Echole’s Signature cabling. ‘All Absolare S.E.T. models use NOS driver tubes and the sound quality of all three models is natural and coherent, with a very convincing sense of realism and emotional communication,’ said Granovsky.

The chassis of the Absolare SET amplifier is made from leather-clad laser-cut, precision-welded 3mm aluminium and natural wood. The power supply and speaker output transformers are isolated within epoxy-filled metal cans to minimise vibration and magnetic interference. The top plate of the amplifier is around 14mm thick and houses all critical components. All signal connectors are gold/silver plated tellurium copper. All binding posts are silver-plated copper with polyethylene outer barrels. All valve sockets are Teflon with gold-plated copper contacts.

The power supply for the B+ voltage of the Absolare SET has a triple-stage capacitor/inductor double-pi filter, while power bypass capacitors are placed at every valve's supply pin. All valve heaters are d.c. regulated and filtered. A timer circuit controls amplifier start-up to protect the valves and extend their useable operating life. The all-tube signal section is configured in pure Single Ended Triode architecture with capacitor coupling between stages. The driver section is a modified mu-follower design with a minimum number of components to preserve signal purity.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Absolare S.E.T. Power Amplifier

Design: Class A, Zero Feedback, Parallel Single-Ended Architecture
Valves: 845 (×2), 6SN7 (×2)
Power Output: 52-watts
Frequency Response: 15Hz–25kHz ±1.0dB
Input Impedance: 75kΩ
Input Sensitivity: 1.25V
Input: 1×unbalanced (RCA) (Balanced XLR option)
Dimensions (WDH): 382×622×295mm
Price: TBA

For more information, contact Absolute HiEnd