Rode Microphones has released an Australian-made headset omnidirectional microphone that’s said to be ideal for all applications requiring high-quality sound and visual inconspicuity.

RØDE says its new HS2 microphone is the result of an extensive and complete redesign process, and provides clean, clear and pronounced audio for any application where the microphone needs to be in close proximity to the presenter's mouth. The HS2 has new flexible, silicone ear-strips that are said to be both comfortable and robust so users can wear the HS2 for hours without feeling any discomfort and a new fixed arm-boom that can be easily moved and shaped into position. ‘The HS2's light weight, comfortable fit, low self-noise, minimal appearance and user-friendly omni-directional polar pattern make it an ideal microphone for film, television, video, theatre, house of worship and live vocal performance,’ said Callie Leahy, marketing manager at Rode. The HS2 is available in two colours—black and pink—and two sizes—large and small.

For further information, please contact Rode Microphones