SGR Audio has released a new range of modular hi-fi equipment racks in three different styles: Signature, Symphony and Statement.
German manufacturer RME Audio has released the RME ADI-2 DAC, a two-channel high-end digital-to-analogue converter with features designed to appeal to both studio professionals and audiophiles.
The ifi IPurifier 3 is a device that claims to remove any d.c. offset voltage that might be present in a USB voltage and also re-clock and re-generate the USB audio data stream to eliminate jitter.
McIntosh has released what is now the company’s most powerful stereo power amplifier, the MC462, which is rated at 450-watts per channel.
Aesthetix’s Saturn Series Eclipse edition is now available in Australia. Components in the Eclipse Edition now have StealthCap capacitors, distributed node film capacitors, and ‘super-matched’ output devices.
Danish manufacturer Raidho’s new X-5 and X loudspeakers feature many of the same technologies found in Raidho’s C and D Series models, but are much more affordable.
Melbourne-based high-end audio distributor Absolute HiEnd is now distributing APL Hi-Fi equipment in Australia.
The long-awaited Mag-Lev ML-1 turntable, whose platter is not only supported entirely by magnetic force, but is also rotated by magnetic force—so there is no drive motor or belt—is now available in Australia
The Jico Seto-Hori high-output moving-coil phono cartridge that starred at the Munich show is now available in Australia from Soundring Australia.
Acoustic Energy loudspeakers are returning to Australia, this time distributed by Final Link Audio.
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