We're fond of our augmented reality here at Geare. This morning we received two augmented ladies from Lynx.


Augmented reality, in its current marketing form, involves holding up symbols to your webcam in order to trigger a sequence of onscreen video or animation, overlayed on the webcam image. It's a gimmick when applied to advertising products, but it holds great future in camera-based gaming.

Lynx is the latest to add symbols to its products, in this case the curious concept of Lynx Musicstar deoderant, released in Play Guitar and Play Drums flavours. Knowing our fair share of drummers and guitarists, we're not sure why you'd want to emulate their odours, but Lynx knows its youth market well, as indicated by the addition of augmented reality'groupies'.

Hold the can up to your webcam when logged onto the Lynx site, and you get dancing girls on your cans, with a certain degree of control using the arrow keys to prompt a booty wiggle or pantie wave.

We're not sure it's the most honourable application of technology we've seen recently, but we thought you'd like to know...

More info and girls at www.lynxeffect.com.au/musicstar