Nikon Brand Ambassador and seven-times world surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore stars in a new video campaign created by Nikon Australia and called Freedom To Achieve. The video was shot entirely with the Nikon Z 6 full-35mm mirrorless camera and a combination of Nikkor Z lenses and Nikkor F mount models used on the camera with the FTZ mount adaptor.

Cinematographer Stefan Jose (Goodoil Films) says he was surprised how quickly he was able to master the Z 6 after only having the camera for two days prior to starting shooting. He was also very surprised at how well the Z 6 performed in low-light situations.

“We did some tests the day before and found ourselves trying to introduce noise instead of avoiding it. The mirrorless world has come on leaps and bounds in low-light capability and the Nikon Z 6 is no exception. We deliberately introduced a lot of low light scenes in the video to see how it would handle them, and there were no noise issues.

“It exceeded our expectations quite a bit. Again, particularly in the low light area. With a bit of finessing you can get a nice image from the Nikon Z 6. Utilise the Log capabilities, an external recorder, a bit of de-sharpening in camera and some filtration, and we were able to create a great look throughout the entire video.”

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Stephanie Gilmore is a very keen photographer and is currently shooting with a Z 6. She comments, “As human beings; photographs, stories, memories… that’s all we really have. So it feels awesome to be able to capture them in the most quality way.

“In surfing, photography or music, there’s no right or wrong way. Everybody has a unique style, and you know when you’ve captured a moment because it feels right for you.”

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