Nikon has released a second ‘teaser’ video which reveals a little more, visually at least, of its forthcoming full-35mm mirrorless camera system.

Photo: Nikon

The YouTube video (found at concentrates on the new mount which looks to be a four-claw bayonet fitting incorporating 11 contacts. The current F-mount on Nikon’s D-SLRs is a three-claw bayonet with up to ten contacts. The YouTube video is in Japanese, but the headline is in English and reads, “We are preparing for the next 100 years by leaping into a new dimension”. It’s interesting to note that the camera bodies featured in the video – which track the development of the F-mount – are all professional models, starting with the F (see below) and ending with the D5. The silhouette of the FF mirrorless camera reveals an SLR-style body shape with a pronounced EVF housing and a large handgrip.

Image: Nikon

The new Nikon mirrorless system is widely expected to be announced on 23 August – at 1.00pm Tokyo time – with a countdown clock ticking away on Nikon’s special events site. Visit