altA new colour variation of the Leica M Monochrom has been released. Previously available only as a discreet black model, the camera will now be offered with a silver chrome body — still discreet, only an engraved script on the accessory shoe revealing the product name, the design lacking the Leica red dot logo.

The new variation is in response to numerous requests from customers, says Leica Camera AG, following the groundbreaking launch of the Leica M Monochrom around two years ago. Featuring a special sensor, it is the world’s first full-frame digital system camera conceived exclusively to offer photographers an opportunity to authentically explore black-and-white photography and create digital images of exceptional quality. As the sensor of the Leica M Monochrom does not ‘see’ colours, every single pixel records true luminance values. This results in authentic black-and-white images that are significantly sharper than those from a camera with a colour sensor.

In genres from reportage photography and available-light shooting to discreet, artistically aesthetic compositions, the camera adapts flexibly to every need and delivers convincingly exceptional imaging results in every situation.  

altAs is the case with all other Leica rangefinder cameras, the M Monochrom also represents an extremely personal style of photography, deliberate composition and intuitive and discreet handling. Its manual focusing, based on the combined viewfinder and rangefinder concept, and aperture priority exposure mode are an aid to photographers rather than placing unwelcome limitations on their creative freedom. In combination with the monitor display on the back of the camera, the simple menu navigation needs only a few control elements to enable rapid access to the entire range of camera functions. The current M-Lens portfolio, with focal lengths from 16 to 135 mm, is also fully accessible. In line with Leica’s renowned commitment to extreme system compatibility, almost all lenses of the Leica M range built since 1954 can still be used on the M Monochrom.

All functions of the Leica M Monochrom are constructed with extreme robustness and a long working life in mind. For photographers, this all adds up to absolute reliability over decades of use. The experienced hands of technicians at the Leica factory are responsible for the assembly and calibration of M Monochrom cameras and the precise testing of all mechanical and electrical components. Leica Customer Care has decades of experience in repairs and maintenance and thus creates a solid foundation for enduring value.

The silver chrome Leica M Monochrom is available in limited numbers from authorised Leica dealers.

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