Ever since they were announced, the GFX 50S and X1D 50c have been compared and contrasted. It’s not so surprising given they’re the first digital medium format mirrorless cameras, but in reality this is where the similarities basically start and finish. Each embodies a very different design philosophy which has influenced the styling, operation and feature sets. The ‘Blad is arguably the purer interpretation of the mirrorless concept, with its super slim, stylish one-piece bodyshell and greater reliance on touch controls. But it’s also much more pro-focused, with the assumption that all users will want to shoot RAW and then do all their processing post-camera. This compromises the camera’s appeal to many enthusiast-level and, indeed, also many working photographers. Then there’s the little matter of the price.
Fujifilm’s GFX 50S is much more inclusive – as well as affordable – and has a lot in common with the top-end X Mount cameras such as the X-T2. This makes it much more accessible and versatile, with JPEG shooters fully accommodated even to the extent of having Fujifilm’s excellent ‘Film Simulation’ picture presets. Despite housing a bigger sensor, the GFX 50S is still more compact than the pro-level full-35mm D-SLRs and it handles just as easily. The OLED-type EVF is detachable, creating an even more 
compact camera, while the monitor screen has the same three-tilt adjustment as is provided on the X-T2. The all-metal body-shell is weather sealed and insulated, and control is based on large main dials for setting shutter speeds and sensitivity, with front and rear input wheels… just like any smaller format mirrorless camera or D-SLR. This means stepping up to the GFX 50S is no more challenging than changing over from any camera, which is surely a key objective if you want to attract more users to digital medium format photography and grow this market. Fujifilm’s approach is going to be more effective here, delivering all the performance benefits of a bigger sensor with all the conveniences and efficiencies of a smaller format camera.
Fujifilm product page: www.fujifilm.com.au