Digital storage experts Seagate and camera drone manufacturer DJI have collaborated to develop the LaCie DJI Copilot which is designed to allow the easier management and back-up of image files and video clips while flying on location.
BenQ’s new SW240 pro 24-inch colour monitor is the little brother to the popular SW2700PT model. It features a 1920x1200 pixels resolution IPS colour-accurate display to deliver both 99 percent of the Adobe RGB colour space and 10-bit colour depth
The ever-busy Tamron has announced another new lens for Canon and Nikon full-35mm D-SLRs. It’s an ultra-wide zoom in the shape of a 17-35mm f2.8-4.0 Di OSD which is due to launch first in the Nikon mount with a Canon EF version following later.
Nikon has released a second ‘teaser’ video which reveals a little more, visually at least, of its forthcoming all-new full-35mm format mirrorless camera system.
The details are still very sketchy, but Nikon has finally confirmed it is developing an all-new mirrorless camera system based on a full-35mm format sensor. As expected, the system will be based on a new lens mount.
It’s a sign things are going well when a camera maker announces big expansion plans for its lens production facility. Fujifilm says that continued growing demand for its X and G mount mirrorless cameras necessitates an increase in lens production.
Flexible and fast, while also offering a wide range of lighting options in a highly portable package
The Nikon D850 brings together all the elements that make it this year’s choice for best pro DSLR.
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