As it was best summed up by Australian Guitar writer Peter Hodgson in his glowing review of JVB's critically acclaimed Premium Polymer Coated Guitar Strings: "What would you prefer: a guitar string that sounds great, or a guitar string that lasts a long time? In an ideal world, the perfect answer would be, 'Both, please' and we’d all go about our business. But that’s not really the way it is. 

"Guitar strings usually sound great in that magic zone where they’ve been played in for a few hours (long enough to be stretched in) but there’s usually a gradual drop-off in clarity, playability and tuning stability. Over the years, many string companies have attempted different methods of prolonging the life of the string. One popular method involves a polymer coating, which definitely maintains treble brilliance over long periods, but also results in fraying as the string comes to the end of its natural life. 

"Australia’s JVB has entered the fray – pun intended – with a new polymer-coated string that promises not to fray and, therefore, not sound like arse and feel like fur after a few months of casual strumming."

It goes without saying that every guitarist worth their fretboard should have at least one set of backup strings. Of course, when your backup set is a pack of JVBs, you'll be pining for the strings that came with your axe to snap. 

Thanks to the legends over at JVB, we've got 18 sets of the Premium Polymers to give away – six of each variety listed below – and we're giving nine lucky shredders the chance to win a couple of them (one set for you, and one for a mate)!


  • Head to the Australian Guitar page on Facebook, then scroll down ’til you see the post that starts with “IT’S NEW STRING SEASON, BABY!” (or click here).
  • Like and share the post.
  • Comment with the first song you’d play with your new set of JVB strings, and tag the friend you’d give your second pair to. Make sure to let us know what gauge and style you're after!
  • That’s it! If you’re one of our nine lucky winners, we’ll reply to your comment on Friday, March 22nd with details about how to claim your new strings.

There are no “rules” about what kind of songs you’re allowed to pick, so go nuts. There are no brownie points for choosing an especially good song, either – all entries will be randomised and drawn out raffle-style. So if you wanna confess your love for Nickelback, that’s fine, we won’t judge ya!

You’re also allowed to enter more than once! Just make sure to keep it to ONE ENTRY PER DAY (double-ups will be disqualified), and tag a different friend in each new comment. Don’t worry, you won’t be forced to give your second set of strings to the friend in the comment we choose – you can even keep both sets to yourself, if you want!


  • 1046 Regular Electric (RRP: $17.99)
  • 1254 Bright Bronze Medium Lt (RRP: $18.99)
  • 1254 Phosphor Bronze RRP ($19.99)