While we hate to promote anything relating to the televised karaoke competitions that poison they eyeballs of the masses on a weekly basis, sometimes even us guitar purists have to take a step down off our high horse and make an exception.

Dubbed “Callum The Heavy Metal Kid”, this ambitious and talented 10-year-old Aussie shredder is on the warpath, absolutely slaying ‘Tallica’s classic “Enter Sandman” on Australia’s Got Talent recently, impressing Kelly Osbourne to the point that she arranged for him to meet her dad, none other than Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne on the recent “The End” tour.

In between making us all look under-achieving slackers, the pint-sized dynamo has also picked up an endorsement deal for Ernie Ball Music Man string through local distro CMC Music, as well as being dubbed the “future of metal” by Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx and preparing to head to the US for a number of TV appearances. To think, when I was 10 my primary focus was doing a great skid on my BMX. According to a profile piece for Channel 9, his IQ is in the 98.8th percentile, he has spelling of a 30-year-old, the reading ability of a 17-year-old, language skills of a 25-year-old and memory of a 25-year-old. And he’s putting all that brainpower behind the most important pursuit known to mankind: being really rad at guitar. Shred on, little dude.