and Chris Joannou will launch The Official Chris Joannou of Silverchair Reverb Shop on Thursday, 8 March, featuring basses, amps, synths and more gear used on tour and in the studio.
"The gear for sale in my Reverb shop needs to go to a loving home — especially the bass guitars that have been with me on tour," Chris says. "They’re like family to me...they all have names. They’ve been with me for so long, toured all over the world with me, they’ve seen me at my best and at my worst. But I’m no longer using them and it's time for someone else to enjoy them.”
Gear in the store will includea late ‘70s white Fender Precision bass guitar affectionately named “Whitey” by Joannou, and a 1975 Natural Fender Precision bass guitar Joannou called “Phil.” Both served as Joannou’s main bass guitars while Silverchair was on tour supportin its fifth and final studio album, the ARIA Award-winning Young Modern.
Other notable items in the shop include:
A Stuart Spector Designs NS4CR bass guitar that Joannou used extensively on tour and in the studio for 1997’s Freak Show.
Two Ampeg SVT810AV cabinets used for touring across Australia, mainly to support Young Modern.
A Roland RE-301 Space Echo that Joannou has used on various personal and Silverchair-related projects.
A G&L SB1 bass guitar that Joannou has had for nearly 20 years.
Several pieces of studio equipment from the bass player's personal studio, which has hosted artists including Josh Pyke, Paul Dempsey of Something for Kate, Jed Kurzel and Cec Condon of The Mess Hall, and more.
“It’s always hard to part with gear – especially when I have so much history with them all, but this gear shouldn’t be sitting around my home, it should be in someone’s hands being played,” Joannou said."
Preview the items for sale in The Official Chris Joannou of Silverchair Reverb Shop now.