Mass Raid Sky are the best melodic prog band you're probably sleeping on. 

The Queenslandian up-and-comers caught our eye with their new single, "Chemical Design". Released last week, it's our first taste of the foursome's impending debut album.

At a tight 4.5 minutes of grandious fretboard worship, the cut is sure to make itself an instantaneous live staple. It's also the perfect song to blast when you need that extra bit of midday energy, or an epic soundtrack for any weekend road trip antics.

Highlighting the track's kaleidoscopic swathe of slick riffs, guitarist Alex Kewley has gifted us with a full, up-close playthrough of the cut. We recommend taking advantage of YouTube's slow-mo options – with scatterpaced hands like Kewley's, it's the only way you'll be able to pin down the exact moves necessary for your own interpretations.

"Chemical Design" is out now independently. You can (and most certainly should) suss it out on iTunes or Spotify.

Watch a guitar playthrough of "Chemical Design" below!