It's that time of the year when shredheads everywhere are thinking long and hard about what to blow all their hard-earned Christmas bonuses on. The good folks at Ibanez know that – that's probably why they've kicked 2019 off by showcasing over 60 new electric guitars and basses. 

Alongside a slew of shiny, meticulously designed Axiom Label RGAs and the fan-favourite RG550DX, the Ibanez 2019 collection is headlined by some choice new models in the RG5000 series, sporting world-class tech as stunning as the multitude of eye-catching finishes. 

This year's range also shows a bit of love to the humble semi-hollowbody, and throws us a few curveballs with reverse headstocks and head-turning builds. Trust Ibanez to keep us on the edge of our seats with designs that no other company would think to scribble up! 

It's not just the six-string stunners that Ibanez are locking their eyes on in 2019, though: the Japan-based company have also debuted 19 new bass guitars, with nostalgia at the centre of their focus – the Gary Willis and BTB models are both treated to some well-deserved 20th Anniversary editions, and after much clamouring from fans, the Affirma has been given an upgrade.

Keep an eye out for more news from Ibanez as NAMM kicks off later in January.

Ibanez guitars and basses are distributed in Australia by Australis Music.

Take a look at the 60+ new Ibanez models in the gallery below!