Over a storied six decades, Fender have established themselves as the go-to brand for rock guitarists worldwide, with their venerable slate of six-stringed beauties offering only the best in tone and build – from the day they unveiled the first Telecaster in 1950, to the reveal of the Stratocaster four years later, all the way to this year's Powercaster. But today, the very fabric of guitar playing is set to enter a new dimension, with Fender's first ever line of premium air guitars. Presenting: the Invisocaster.

Available in three unique, game-changing models – the Russian Professional, the Acoustasonic DLX and the Nanami Nagura Signature – the Invisocaster offers world-class specs for air guitarists of all skill levels, at prices that defy their (ranging between $666 and $93,800 depending on the model).

All three models offer signature, Fender-exclusive body options, made from premium oxygen with lightweight no-wood necks. The Invisocaster offers zero medium-jumbo frets with two nonexistent P-90 pickups, plus a complete lack of Volume or Tone controls. Further specs are available from Fender's website.

And in the way of finishes, Fender have announced a world-first customisation platform, dubbed Fender Imagination, which allows players to change the colour and configuration of their Invisocaster simply by thinking about it. The guitars' intuitive Brainbucker technology reads the player's brainwaves, translating it to the finish of the Invisocaster. Sound ridiculous? It is!

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