ItttrtrtrtrtrtrtrKing Crimson's THRAK – The Complete Scores offers full band transcriptions of this classic from the ban’ds double-trio era, which features Six musicians: two guitar players, two bassists and two drummers.

All parts are transcribed and most of the essential parts are tabbed for the various instruments and tunings: Adrian Belew’s guitar in standard tuning, Robert Fripp’s in his ‘New Standard’ tuning, Tony Levin’s fretted and fretless basses, Trey Gunn’s Chapman Stick and Bill Brufordand Pat Mastelotto’s acoustic and electronic drum transcriptions.

Transcriptions are by Gabriel Riccio, with editing and tabs by Gunn, who says “A book of King Crimson transcriptions is a built-in contradiction; Crimson rarely steps in the same puddle twice. This is a band known for stretching beyond even its own limits, meaning most of the arrangements are given freedom to grow and change as the spirit moves. My own experience in the group was that about every one to two weeks some part of the compositions had significantly morphed into something else. The approach Gabriel Riccio and I have taken with these THRAK recordings was to adhere strictly to what is on this record. While we’ve referred to the 2015 re-mixes and various live versions of the pieces, we have generally stayed with notating what is in the 1995 original mixes and performances. These particular recordings, made at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in the UK, were live performances. In my memory, we played each piece as a group once or twice through, picked a take and then quickly added overdubs accordingly. In most cases the overdubbing was very minimal. The record was largely completed in two weekstime, including all of the vocals.

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