Photo by Naomi Beveridge

Melbourne indie trio (and noted perfect humans) Camp Cope have finally announced their second full-length album! How To Socialise & Make Friends will hit local shelves on March 2nd via Poison City Records, and if a comment made on Triple J this morning is to be believed, will be followed with a full-blown theatre tour. 

Driven by lead single "The Opener" – a scathing hit on the sexism that currently plagues the Australian music scene – LP2 is poised to be an even more poignant and unforgiving affair than their prized 2016 debut. Per the album's press release, "The title track and ‘Animal And Real’ celebrate the joys of being an independent unit and knowing who you are without any influence from external factors.

"[‘Anna’ and ‘Sagan-Indiana’ speak] to the non-romantic love felt towards friends; the women who shape you and women working together to find strength in numbers. A raw account of sexual assault and the feelings of isolation that follow is painted on ‘The Face Of God’. Album closer ‘I’ve Got You’ shows vocalist and guitarist Georgia Maq solo, singing of her late father’s battle with cancer and their close friendship that prevails, even in death."

Pre-orders for How To Socialise & Make Friends are set to go live in the coming weeks, though no official timeframe has been mentioned as of yet.

Camp Cope will launch the album with a one-off gig alongside Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, taking place in their native Melbourne at the Forum Theatre on December 3rd. Limited tickets can be found here – for those of us outside the city that never chills, a national tour announcement is expected to land soon.

Cop the full release details for Camp Cope 2: Emotional Boogaloo after the jump!

How To Socialise & Make Friends is out March 2nd via Poison City
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1. The Opener
2. How To Socialise & Make Friends
3. The Face of God
4. Anna
5. Sagan-Indiana
6. The Omen
7. Animal and Real
8. UFO Lighter
9. I’ve Got You