Inspired by classic models loved by players across the US and their UK, Blackstar have proved themselves to be one of 2019's big players with their new Studio 10 amp line.

All three of the ten-watt amps feature an ECC83 preamp tube and a single Celestion Seventy-80 12-inch speaker, and in Blackstar's own words, were designed to give players "the magic of the Class A, single-ended tube power stage." Musos that try one out can expect crisp, world-class vintage tones, and a usability that's unrivalled by Blackstar's peers. 

The three units are all simple, but not in the sense that they're lacking in features – rather, they're just easy to use and don't mess around with the superflous stuff. They're decked out with gain, tone, reverb and master controls, plus a drive channel, emulated output, series effects loop and one-button footswitch (which activates the drive – there's also a boost mode on the EL34 model).

Take a look at all three of the new Blackstar Studio 10 amps below:

Studio 10 EL34

Studio 10 6L6

Studio 10 KT88