Bose claims that its new 700 series wireless noise cancelling headphones represent the biggest leap forward in NC headphones since the iconic QuietComfort, which were likely the world’s most popular noise-cancelling headphones for in-flight use.
"A no-compromise product with one goal" says Rega of its Aethos amplifier - "to deliver your music as faithfully as possible".
Interdyn has released Pro-Ject’s VC-S2 ALU record cleaning machine (RCM) which it says takes record cleaning to new levels both in terms of the efficacy of the cleaning process and the speed at which LPs are able to be cleaned.
Melco has released a data switch, the S100, which it says will improve the sound quality of any network audio device using an Ethernet connection and a data switch.
iFi has released a full-featured high-performance desktop USB DAC that retails for less than $200.
Both a styling makeover and a significant performance upgrade have gone into Leica’s second-generation full-35mm L mount mirrorless camera. The SL2 looks a whole lot softer than its overtly ‘Germanic’ predecessor and has much improved ergonomics.
“High resolution audio perfect for the most demanding architectural installations and dedicated home theatres” — that’s the promise of Meridian Audio’s DSP750 in-wall digital active loudspeakers.
The Scottish manufacturer has released its first wireless loudspeaker and claims that it’s the best sounding wireless speaker in the world.
The Arcam SA30 integrated amplifier, with G Class amplification, AirPlay 2 compatibility, and Dirac Live room correction technology, will soon be available in Australia.
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