We talk with Alberto Vangi, founder of Signature Cinemas, a new name in Australian bespoke home cinema design, though Vangi brings many years of design and installation experience. We asked him about the new company and what it aims to offer the home cinema enthusiast.

SOUND+IMAGE: What’s the concept for Signature Cinemas? Who is your customer?
ALBERTO VANGI: Signature Cinemas is precisely as the name states, Signature meaning the pinnacle, bringing together a team of individuals who each specialise in specific areas to produce the finest home cinemas possible — the acoustics by individuals holding acoustic engineering degrees, experienced installers who understand every step of the process, interior designers who know why specific colours are used in cinemas and which furnishing improve the performance of the room, builders who follow guidelines and realise the importance of the structure, and programmers who live and breathe programming and can tailor an interface to the client’s needs to deliver something far simpler to use than they ever imagined possible. As Signature’s founder and director I believe in letting the absolute best individuals focus on their strengths, instead of limiting the possibilities and what can be achieved. Just as you have specialist doctors because no one person can be expert at everything, we allow only the most qualified and trained people to be involved in our projects.

So our client is someone who appreciates quality and service at the very finest degree, and who recognises that their joy will be significantly enhanced by quality rather than a lower price, and that the benefits of doing things well will far outlast taking short-cuts.

S+I: What makes Signature different?
AV: We are a relationships company, and we take as much time as needed to listen to our clients’ requirements. Every room is different, every client is different and asking the right questions — and explaining why we are asking the questions — we put you first, and work with you to help you understand why a beautifully designed cinema is imperative in your investment with Signature Cinemas. Our tagline, if you like, is ‘sound, image, space, atmosphere and simplicity’, and with those elements constantly in mind we’ll commit the time to make sure that each and every project is exclusive — meaning the design and the products are carefully chosen for the client, not pre-designed packages that might reduce the price but also reduce
the performance level.

S+I: What’s new and exciting in home cinema at the moment?
AV: On the image side, today we are achieving levels in quality never seen before in home cinema. Brightness, contrast, resolution, black levels, maintenance-free, being able to project a 150-inch-plus Cinemascope image with incredible clarity — all now possible thanks to the very latest 4K laser Sony SXRD technology developments and DLP advances. Even though TVs are getting larger, their prices are high — $100k for Samsung’s 98-inch QLED, say. And even an 85-inch TV is still very small compared with a 150-inch 2.35:1 screen.

And sound — brands like Trinnov are bringing multi-channel cinema listening to a new level with IMAX Enhanced and DTS X PRO formats producing sound up to 128 channels of immersive audio. The days of ‘all you really need are 5.1 or 7.1’ are long gone in a proper home cinema. Today we are talking about multiple overhead Atmos speakers, side and back speakers, subwoofers, even five across the front with a row of speakers above a screen, angling down.

The room space plays an important role in determining the number of speakers, and today’s processors can handle whatever the room really needs. Cinema sound today is incredibly exciting, and together with the picture quality improvements, there has never been a better time to invest in a high quality home cinema experience that I can very confidently say, done well, will be better than a commercial cinema.

Signature Cinemas is online at: www.signaturecinemas.com.au