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International Connections

Furthering BIFB’s position on the international photography calendar Jeff explains, “The festival is now a member of the Festival de la Luz [Festival of Light], a grouping of international photography festivals”.
It is through this channel he believes Australian photographers will gain exposure and be given 
the chance to exhibit at other international festivals. And BIFB is also a member of the newly formed Asia Pacific Photo Forum, which currently includes BIFB, Foto Freo (Fremantle), Head On (Sydney), the Queensland Festival of Photography, Auckland, Pingyao (China) and Angkor (Cambodia).

“We are looking to build our own network, to 
cross promote and exchange ideas because that’s 
what it is about, and that’s how we will build this 
international community.” As I wind up the interview, I ask Jeff if he’s happy with this year’s event. His face splits into a smile and his eyes twinkle as he 
remembers what all the hard work has been about.

“It is a buzz to see it come together. You talk to anyone and they’ll tell you, you have to be crazy to 
do something like this. But you know I had this idea and I did it.”

And then reality hits him. He adds, “I hope people walk away from the Festival thinking it was worth the trip up the highway and wasn’t a waste of petrol”.