Photographing with a panorama camera long before it became fashionable, Mark Lang believes in achieving a spiritual oneness with the landscape… and he won't be rushed when it comes to creating images which reflect this link. Interview by Paul Burrows.
Classically trained in the craft of photography, David Knight is now turning to his artistic side to inspire his advertising work and create a distinctive style. Interview by Paul Burrows.
Denounced in the country of his birth the Iranian photojournalist Abbas continues to explore controversial topics, including “the horrors people commit in the name of God”. Interview by Dave Tacon.
As he has for the last few years, Australian photographer and writer Dave Tacon travelled to the French town of Perpignan to report on the world's biggest festival of photojournalism for ProPhoto.
Award-winning portrait photographer Robyn Hills M.Photog., FAIPP - still a dedicated film user herself - talks to architectural photographer Scott Burrows about why he prefers to shoot with film.
Contrasting sharpness with softness is a useful creative tool in photography, but it's not always as easy to achieve as might be expected. Andy Cross explains why.
Tim Anger visits the NPPP exhibition at the newlyopened National Portrait Gallery in Canberra and attends a presentation on the judging procedure and how this year's somewhat controversial winner came to be selected.
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