Carls Coulson chases the dream in europe
In the first of a series of articles, Andy Cross begins to examine the basic elements of design and how they can be applied to photography.
Video is now a very big deal on digital SLRs from entry-level to pro-level, and the amount of functionality offered has been steadily improving since Nikon launched the D90 and the Canon the EOS 5D back in 2005.
Most of the subjects we photograph are by reflected light. That is, a light source illuminates a subject which, in turn, reflects light from its surface.
Touch us, pinch us… we’ve gone all digital! iPad and Android editions available on Zinio NOW.
Under the energetic direction of Jeff Moorfoot Ballarat’s festival of photography continues to grow in stature and diversity. Alison Stieven-Taylor reports from this year’s event.
Daring images driven by a fresh creative vision have helped Christian Blanchard make a name for himself in fashion photography by the tender age of 30. Interview by Alison Stieven-Taylor.
ProPhoto visited the second CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging show which was held in early February in Japan at the Paci­ co Yokohama exhibition complex. Report by Paul Burrows.
Cameraman Matt Allard found that using a HDV-enabled D-SLR has advantages in some situations, especially where being able to move quickly is a priority.
Argentine-born photojournalist Walter Astrada has specialised in distressing causes that nobody else would cover driven by his desire to make a difference through his photography. Interview by Dave Tacon.
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