An attempt at reconciling my love of art that's created by a person with a problematic past.
The local shredders were just announced as the main support for Sevendust's 2019 Australian tour!
A bonafide supergroup of Sydney’s most dynamic DIY idols, Sports Bra mesh themes of platonic love and queer liberation into monolithic post‑punk anthems for emo kids seeking a slither of wholesomeness.
An exclusive look at our powerful interview with Gary Clark Jr, only available in Australian Guitar #132.
A quick chat with one of the most magical minds in Australian music.
With their career-defining forth album, Larkin Poe cement themselves as two of blues-rock’s future hall-of-famers.
"As the band smiled, bowed, and wandered off stage, it became clear that we had just witnessed a stunning performance from a band that has managed to captivate hearts and souls worldwide over the past two decades."
Despite the headliner being pent up in a British hospital, Download Down Under #2 was a wicked success!
In the five years since his optimistic debut, Hozier has lived a fair bit of life.
With his latest album Rainbow Valley out, Matt Corby is settling into life at the forefront of Australian music. Australian Guitar caught up with him to talk about his creative process, and the challenges this singer-songwriter has faced broadening his approach beyond the guitar.
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