St. Leonards is a fun album, and one well worth cranking the portable stereo for.
Chris N. Strahm, co-founder of LinearX Corporation, was the sole inventor and designer of some of the most important design and measurement tools used by audio engineers right around the world
Louis Challis was not only Australia’s leading acoustical engineer, he was also an internationally-acclaimed hi-fi reviewer who worked for Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, ETI Magazine, Electronics Australia and others.
With the aptly titled Erase Me, Underoath tinker their signature chaos for a new generation.
Djarimirri (Child Of The Rainbow) is hauntingly beautiful, showcasing not just an ambitious triumph in uncompromising devotion, but a lifetime of accumulated talent.
"Only a harrowing voice and a timeless sounding electric guitar – mostly locked on a neck pickup with a sparkling twang – remain."
Robb Flynn says Machine Head’s new album looks to the band’s early days in order to charge into the future.
The new DZ Deathrays album is bloody lovely – no, really, that’s what it’s called. Matt Doria catches up with a whopping half of the band to vibe on it.
"When one of rock’s favourite oddballs tells you you’re in for something “bizarre”, it’s like riding a rollercoaster with a blindfold on."
Three men gathered at Con’s place on the coast to listen to an audio system aspiring to Jay Gatsby’s ideal—‘the unattainable dream’ of perfection—the ideal system in their case, cost no object.
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