Gearing up for some of their biggest shows in almost a decade, Grinspoon are back and full of more beans than ever. Before the Chemical Hearts tour rolls through Australia, Matt Doria caught up with frontman Phil Jamieson to vibe on nostalgia, guitars, and the (possible) future of the Lismore legends.
In the lead-up to this year's monumental Yours & Owls (a.k.a. The Fezzie), we're catching up with a stack of the acts you can expect to blow your mind. In this edition: The Fangin' Felines.
Distinctly raw, honest and powerfully blunt, Melbourne trailblazer Angie McMahon shoots for the heart with her deceptively lowkey debut album. 
They may be nearing their second decade on the scene, but on Widow’s Weeds, the Californian alt-rock crushers in Silversun Pickups wield a sound as youthful as it is punchy.
Forget thinking outside the box – with their third rollercoaster ride of an album, Holy Holy have torn the box to shreds, doused those shreds in gasoline and tossed them onto the ultimate bonfire. Aided by guitarist Oscar Dawson, Sarah Comey attempts to make sense of the ashes.
Interview with Craig and Christina Milne, the owners of Wilson Benesch, which accompanied our review of the Precision P1.0 loudspeaker in Audio Esoterica magazine, issue 2019-#2 shortly after the UK company celebrated its 30th anniversary. We began by asking about the company’s beginnings and development.
Eight albums in, Killswitch Engage have reached a new peak with their ball-tearingly brutal and mind-numbingly meticulous riffage. Avery Jacobs catches up with shredder Adam Dutkiewicz to learn how they brewed the career-defining sonic carnage of Atonement.
To mark the end of their colour-coded album series, sludge metallers Baroness have gone all out with their boldest, riskiest and most diverse album yet.
Chris Shiflett is a rock ’n’ roll God by trade (you might know him from this up-and-coming indie band, Foo Fighters), but when he whacks on a cowboy hat and hoists up a semi-hollow, you best damn believe he can slam out one hell of a country jam. Hard Lessons – Shiflett’s second solo album – is packed to the rafters with them. Australian Guitar heads out to the paddocks and giddies up for a lesson of its own.
On the cusp of total world domination, vibe-punk Brisbanites WAAX have mustered up one of the strongest debut albums in recent memory, one laquered in personality and bursting at the seams with punchiness. Matt Doria cannonballs into the choppy seas of Big Grief with frontwoman Maz DeVita and guitarist Ewan Birtwell.
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