It's been a wild nine months for Pagan since they dropped their disgustingly massive debut album, Black Wash.
"Middle Kids are the band that never stop."
Ahead of his appearance at this year’s 30th annual Bluesfest, Kurt Vile talks coveting the couch and why you never want to be without your guitar.
Is it too late now to say sorry? According to Totally Unicorn... Who f***in' cares?
Introducing a wild new project from two of the ultra bright minds behind Rackett.
One listen through William Crighton's 2018 album – the criminally underrated Empire – is enough to belly up permanent goosebumps.
“Epic” is an overused cliché of a word, but there’s really no other way to describe the Emperor experience.
Morbid Stuff is out this week!
It didn’t seem possible, but with album #6, Bring Me The Horizon have once again taken their game-changing brand of metalcore mania to the next level (or, like, the next three). Ahead of the band’s Australian tour in support of it, guitarist Lee Malia gives us a first-hand look into the weird and wonderful world of Amo.
An attempt at reconciling my love of art that's created by a person with a problematic past.
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