Home cinema needn’t be a headache of hard decisions and high prices. We visit Metricon’s ‘Studio M’ Selection Centre, where choosing a Krix-based home cinema is just few clicks of CAD away.
It's a tribute to Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker, but also a project of passion for owner Sam Halter, this SSV Ute boasts dual systems, street-cred and show-winning SPL...
The Series X is the very top of Krix’s home cinema loudspeaker range, suited to those wanting ‘real cinema at home’ in a large-scale space... like this one. Installation by Sydney Hi-Fi, Mona Vale
From Sydney’s underground to the international spotlight: the dramacore deviants in Hellions are making catastrophically huge waves in the rock scene, and with Rue, those are only getting bigger. Matt Doria dives deep. Photo by Alex Jay.
Though only two EPs deep in their tenure, Moaning Lisa have cemented themselves as a driving force in the future of Australian rock.
Abendigo proves once more that Nolan and Sapone are a true post-hardcore power couple.
For the first time in years our loud, riff-laden, hard-rocking festival scene felt whole again.
Running just shy of a half-hour, the debut album from Sydney’s newest emo upstarts is packed from wall to wall with distorted juts, crystal‑clear noodling and vocals that pierce through the heart like doughy, scuzzily produced shotgun blasts.
Sarah Comey calls Basement axeman Alex Henery with the question on everyone’s lips: how did the Suffolk emos make their fourth album so. damn. good!?
A promising return to his former glory, No Past. No Future. No Sun. scratches an itch that Corgan hasn’t been able to reach since the turn of the 21st century.
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