"Even as the band walk off the stage for the final time, they leave us cheering, stunned."
The speakers on display are high-end hi-fi designs, backed by Bryston amplification, ready to deliver thrilling stereo music. But behind the screen lie Krix semi-pro LCR speakers, akin to the Series X, as part of a full Atmos cinema system. So this remarkable installation delivers two systems in the one room…
The Perth foursome just dropped the punchy first taste of their forthcoming 2019 record, "Sad Guy".
For a band that named their debut album Psychedelic Mango, Pond are surprisingly adroit with their cerebral fuzz-rock. On LP8, the quartet take a decidedly sparkly approach to the humble concept album.
Though the emotional journey is somewhat singular, Rammstein is still an engaging, explosive collection of stadium anthems that will undoubtedly go off with a bang – literally.
After three records all powerful and prodigious in their own right, La Dispute have finally crafted the record that will define them as a band. Panorama isn’t just their best work to date – it’s a landmark in alternative music as a whole.
"That’s the thing about Rolling Blackout – they are just so much fun to listen to. Even with a sold out crowd, there’s no way you weren’t going to dance along to 'The Hammer' or 'Time in Common'."
With their career-defining third album, Girlpool rebrand themselves as genre non-conforming force to be reckoned with.
It’s a simple title, but Crushing does an exemplary job of summing up the new record by indie-folk luminary Julia Jacklin.
After three years of rampageous grinding on the back of their scene-defining 2015 record, What Went Down, the English pop-rockers in Foals declared it was time for a little well‑deserved respite. Then came an inescapable onslaught of new ideas – two albums’ worth, in fact – and now they’re right back in the thick of it.
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