"Ace was a warm, charming and funny guy, especially for somebody who had been doing phone interviews all day."
"Lost Friends – the long‑awaited debut LP from the Sydney-based indie jammers in Middle Kids – is like the perfect frappuccino in audible form."
American rock band Fozzy have evolved from a comedic outlet to an international-tour-hardened live band with a diehard fanbase.
What do you do when your vocalist loses his voice the day of the show?
This stunning Sydney home – with an impressive home cinema – uses Crestron’s wide range of smarts to gather the potential complexities under a simple control system. Installation by Kayder, home cinema by Wavetrain Cinemas.
"When it comes to virtuosity, guitarists Paul Gilbert and Nuno Bettencourt plus bassist Billy Sheehan remain solid contenders for reaching the pinnacle alongside Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen."
Did Annie Clark’s solo show live up to the considerable hype? Andrew P Street says oh dear god yes.
With no adequate space in his family home for a decent home theatre, this movie enthusiast’s solution was simple — he knocked down the house. Krix MX-30 installation by West Coast Hi-Fi Midland.
Press Club aren’t the DIY delinquents we deserve right now, but they’re the ones we need.
Paul Southwell catches up with Stryper’s longstanding guitarist Michael Sweet.
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