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Everything was better way back when...
Case in point — video games… and the Rexie.…

Vehicle: 1998 Subaru WRX

engine: EJ20T
induction: Apexi Power intake, GFB BOV
controllers: Turbosmart
exhaust: 3” turbo back magnaflow mufflers
transmission: STi V6
clutch: Exedy Heavy Duty
suspension: Coilovers
brakes: STi V7 Rotors and calipers QFM HPX pads
body kit: STi V6 Bodykit
exterior: STI V6 bodykit with full respray in Chevrolet Corvette ‘’Torch Red”, Gloss black vinyl wrapped roof, CAR PRO C-Quartz ceramic sealant, CARPRO Dlux to all plastics and wheels, CARPRO Flyby 30 on glass.
interior: Full retrim in red leather and black alcantara, 4x 7” screens, sunroof

source: Alpine IVA-D511E
computer: 7” Windows Tablet
game console: Nintendo NES Classic
front speakers: Helix C63 3-way active speaker set
rear speakers: none
subwoofers: 1x Image Dynamics lOMAX 1502
amplifiers: 2x Helix G-FIVE (5 channel amps run sub and speakers actively)
rear monitors: 2x 7” touch screen slave screens
processor: Helix DSP Pro+ Helix Director+ Helix HEC BT
wiring: Stinger Pro I Crescendo Acapella RCAs
battery: 2x Full river HC55
lighting: White/Red LED with wireless controllers
sound deadening: Stinger Roadkill, Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) to boot floor
total system power (12V/4Q): 1360w RMS
configured power (as wired): 2000w RMS
highest recorded dB: 136dB
installed by: owner, Daniel Broadbent
total build time: 55 hours + tuning