CES 2011 - Audio Physic's Manfred Diestertich talks to Edgar Kramer from Australian Hi-Fi about the 25th Anniversary speakers
Bryston's James Tanner talks to Edgar Kramer from Australian Hi-Fi re the new BDP-1 digital media player
Interview: David Wilson from Wilson Audio talks to Edgar Kramer from Australian Hi-Fi - PART 2
Roy Allison is a legend in the hi-fi loudspeaker industry. Steve Mowry caught up with him at his home in Belmont, New Hampshire…
Peter Lyngdorf is a walking history of Danish hi-fi, having owned NAD, Dali and Snell, as well as his company today, Lyngdorf Audio.
When Rasmussen visited Sydney to release the Mojo,Edgar Kramer caught up with him after a demonstration at Audio Connection.
John Elison, a retired US Air Force engineer, has developed an Excel spreadsheet that calculates Löfgren ‘A' and Löfgren ‘B' tonearm geometries.
Editor Greg Borrowman asks Len Wallis what he'd learned about life, audio, retailing and his customers after more than 30 years in business.
Even after 26 years in the audio business— nearly all of it spent at Audio Junction, in Newcastle’s southern suburb of Hamilton— John Cornell is still at heart a country boy.
There aren't too many hi-fi stores in Australia where you can buy a Nordic Concept turntable fitted with a Vitus Audio MC/MM internal battery-powered phono pre-amp and an Air Tangent linear-tracking tonearm. Actually, there's only one...
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