Nordost is considered one of the leading cable manufacturers. We talk to Bjorn Bengtsson about copper, silver, and the mysteries of cable design
An Interview with Billy Woodman, ATC Loudspeakers
This article details an easy and effective method to set the volume, crossover frequency and phase controls on your subwoofer to ensure the best integration of its output with that of your loudspeakers
Most manufacturers have moved from 16-bits, to 24-bits, to 32-bits. Here, Stephen Dawson explores what happens to a musical signals—and test tones—when you reduce the number of bits, in this case from 16-bits down to just 8-bits, and how dither can magically come to your aid...
David Graebener, one of the pioneers in the field of planar magnetic loudspeakers, has died aged 67, after a two-year battle with Metastatic Melanoma.
Len Wallis says the hi-fi industry has been turned on its head by recent developments including the introduction of high-end components, the rise in audio streaming products, and the fact that hi-fi buyers no longer shop the same way they once did. Interview by Greg Borrowman.
Are hi-res music files on a fast track to hell in a handbasket? Not only are many hi-res music files not hi-res at all, others have insurmountable technical failings. Here, Stephen Dawson looks at one tip of the iceberg…
Edgar Kramer chats with Devialet's Andy Kennard General Manager Asia re the company in general and the success of SAM
SGR Audio launches the MusicKube Digital Playback System at the Melbourne AV Show
Have you ever seen folk younger than yourself sharing stereo ear-buds? They're not getting stereo of course, so how can clever electronics improve their lives? Three-way stereo, of course!
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