An Interview with Ken Kantor

By Scott Wilkinson

Ken Kantor has been designing products and developing technology in the audio industry for more than 30 years. A few of the very many highlights of his career include Bachelor and Masters Degrees from MIT, designer at NAD, designer and Director of R&D at Acoustic Research, VP of Technology for International Jensen, and co-founder of NHT. He’s also acted as a consultant on many audio and technology ventures. Kantor’s most recent venture is ZT Amplifiers, which he founded  in 2008. ZT specialises in building miniature musical instrument amplifiers for musicians, which Ken says was the next logical step in his career. And what a career it has been, as Scott Wilkinson discovered.

This interview is currently available only as a low-res pdf file, in the same version as it originally appeared in two consecutive issues of Australian Hi-Fi Magazine: Volume 42 No 2 (March/April 2011) and Volume 42 No 3 (May/June 2011).

You can download the pdf here:

Ken Kantor Interview by Scott Wilkinson