Halcro is a company reborn. We interview Mike Kirkham and Dr. Peter Foster who, along with Lance Hewitt, are the new owners of this famous brand, and the trio responsible for the birth of the Eclipse.
Interview with Craig and Christina Milne, the owners of Wilson Benesch, which accompanied our review of the Precision P1.0 loudspeaker in Audio Esoterica magazine, issue 2019-#2 shortly after the UK company celebrated its 30th anniversary. We began by asking about the company’s beginnings and development.
Gary Cutler, co-founder of Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, recalls why he started Australian Hi-Fi Magazine in 1969, and how the first issue nearly wasn't printed at all!
Alan Robert Pearlman, designer of the famous ARP range of synthesisers and Robert Moog’s most famous competitor, has died aged 93.
Do you really need an anti-skating device on your turntable? Stephen Dawson explains when you do and when you don't, and when you do, why it's so important to use it...
Björn Erik Edvardsen, head of the design team that created the NAD 3020 integrated amplifier, died on 16 December, 2018, aged 73, of cancer.
This year’s Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show 2018, held quite a few surprises in store including several world-firsts, for the thousands of Melbournites who braved the variable weather to visit the Como Hotel, where the show was being held.
Siegfried Linkwitz, the co-inventor of the Linkwitz-Riley crossover, a favourite of loudspeaker manufacturers and DIY speaker builders the world over, has died, aged 82.
John Ong has been an integral part of the Melbourne audio scene for more than twenty years, where he’s worked in audio research and development, and audio design and manufacturing as well as in the retail sector.
If you haven’t been inside Tivoli Hi-Fi recently, you won’t have realised that everything inside it has changed. It’s not the same store it once was!
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