They don't come along all that often, but when somebody really thinks 'outside the square' in camera Design, the results can be dramatic. Paul Burrows slects the ten designs from the last 50-or-so years which challenged conventional thinking an, in many cases, turned the camera world upside down.
If you're a budding nature photographer there are plenty of places to practice your skills without having to travel to exotic locations. In fact, you may not have to venture further than your own backyard, but local parks, the beach or even waste ground can provide plenty of subject matter.
Parties are one of the most popular events for taking pictures, but do they look any good the next morning and would you want to keep them as a record of a happy event? Nigel Paterson provides some advice on how to take better party pics and still have fun.
Freeze or blur? There are a number ways of capturing movement and the results can be dramatic. Here's a few ideas to make sure you don't miss a shot.
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