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You know you’re getting old when an exhibition of historic cameras includes quite a few models you can remember being launched (and you even still have the press kit). This was the sobering aspect of the JCII Camera Museum’s display at the CP+ Show in Tokyo back in February. The extensive line-up of cameras actually spanned every Japanese-made (or branded) filmless model built until 2007, but it was the earliest forays into electronic imaging that proved the most fascinating.
Canon Inc’s headquarters in Shimomaruko, in the Ota district of Tokyo. It’s a complex that’s not only impressive for its size, but its meticulous tidiness and, not surprisingly, a very high level of security. A lot of Canon product development goes on here.
More affordable pricing, more user-friendly equipment and a return to more accessible pixel counts is putting digital medium format within the reach of more photographers, but do you really need it?
Andrew Sole describes how he employed Photoshop’s Layers function to create montages which better conveyed his impressions of a trip to Italy.
We can announce the products we’ve judged as being the most outstanding arrivals of the last 12 months.
With JPEG captures getting bigger and better, many photographers are happy to by-pass the extra workload generated by RAW files, but are they also by-passing ultimate image quality? Trevern Dawes looks at the pros and cons of both.
2009 produced a bumper crop of new cameras and imaging hardware – with plenty of innovation, invention and ingenuity providing real advances – so picking this year's winners involved plenty of discussion, debate and dummy-spitting, but we reckon we've come up with the cream of the crop.

A key technique in action photography, panning looks easy in theory, but it actually takes quite a bit of practice to get the results you want. Once you've mastered it, though, the results can be impressive.

Editor Paul Burrows looks back on a dramatic three decades in the imaging world. Camera magazine arrived just in time to join the party.
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