How Did I Find Myself Here? is no mere reunion album – it’s an immediate continuation from when the alt-rock neo-psych visionaries called it quits at the end of the 1980s.
"The album rewards old-school fans whilst adapting new sonic textures to evolve without sacrificing creativity."
There’s more than a little on the side this year, as Peter Hodgson discovers.
Dumpstaphunk tore Bluesfest apart in 2017, and now they’re coming back to finish the job.
Punks write their best music when the world is at its worst, and that's completely reinvigorated Rise Against.
It was clear from the outset that this was going to be quite a different Paramore to the ones we've been accustomed to.
Ben Folds vs. an army of paper plane-armed Regina Spektors.
The sound was exceptional in clarity even when hitting impressive SPL heights, thanks partly to the clarity and directionality of today’s line arrays compared with old-school PA stacks, and partly thanks to the octaphonic installation here — there were eight line arrays in all, two on each side of the stadium, fully doubling up on the quadraphonic live sound pioneered by Floyd all those many years ago.
"[Alanis Morissette is] an evergreen Gen X icon entering middle age with poise, grace and intelligence."
There's fun to be had at a Papa Roach show – so long as you relent and indulge.
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