The future of Australian music is young, loud and takes no shit.
It’s not every day that a routine band interview turns into a meeting with a mythical interdimensional being who happens to play the guitar. Australian Guitar checks out this strangest of musical offerings.
With her unique fingerpicking guitar style and arresting vocal, Aussie singer-songwriter Mary Webb has made a name for herself around the globe.
"Clocking in at three hours stage time, Machine Head delivered a walloping, dynamic and well-paced set that included breathing space via melodic sections, breakdown parts and time signature variations."
Country guitar legend Albert Lee is bringing his uniquely blazing style and unmistakable Ernie Ball Music Man guitar to the Melbourne Guitar Festival.
For most bands, the dreaded ‘sophomore slump’ is a goldmine for anxiety. DMA’s, on the other hand, were keen to hit LP2 with an especially laidback attitude.
"No amount of petty Catholic nursery rhymes will clean off the stains that you will leave covered in after a Pagan rock'n'roll show!"
"Ace was a warm, charming and funny guy, especially for somebody who had been doing phone interviews all day."
"Lost Friends – the long‑awaited debut LP from the Sydney-based indie jammers in Middle Kids – is like the perfect frappuccino in audible form."
American rock band Fozzy have evolved from a comedic outlet to an international-tour-hardened live band with a diehard fanbase.
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