Eight albums in, Killswitch Engage have reached a new peak with their ball-tearingly brutal and mind-numbingly meticulous riffage. Avery Jacobs catches up with shredder Adam Dutkiewicz to learn how they brewed the career-defining sonic carnage of Atonement.
To mark the end of their colour-coded album series, sludge metallers Baroness have gone all out with their boldest, riskiest and most diverse album yet.
Chris Shiflett is a rock ’n’ roll God by trade (you might know him from this up-and-coming indie band, Foo Fighters), but when he whacks on a cowboy hat and hoists up a semi-hollow, you best damn believe he can slam out one hell of a country jam. Hard Lessons – Shiflett’s second solo album – is packed to the rafters with them. Australian Guitar heads out to the paddocks and giddies up for a lesson of its own.
On the cusp of total world domination, vibe-punk Brisbanites WAAX have mustered up one of the strongest debut albums in recent memory, one laquered in personality and bursting at the seams with punchiness. Matt Doria cannonballs into the choppy seas of Big Grief with frontwoman Maz DeVita and guitarist Ewan Birtwell.
few bands can claim they put as much heart and soul into the album-making process as The Teskey Brothers. With LP2, the Melbourne blues-rockers have crafted a masterpiece of authenticity and stunning guitar tones.
It’s hard to think of a supergroup more worthy of dropped jaws than Generation Axe. On the heels of their debut release, Matt Doria sits down with ringleader Steve Vai to riff on the past, present and future of this odds-defying celebration of the guitar.
Trucks, planes, toasties, a killer team and, of course, plenty of guitars: there's never a dull moment when you're a roadie out on tour – especially when you're on the road with Karnivool and have access to all of their exciting toys.
Though clearly more adroit, mature and distinct, Sleater‑Kinney haven’t shed a gram of quality since their ’95 debut. LP9 is another bullseye on their dartboard, juggling riotous bouts of fretboard abuse with opulent theatrics.
After what feels like a solid 666 years in hibernation, nu-metal hellions Slipknot are back – bigger, better and more beautifully brutal than ever. Australian Guitar goes head-to-head with axemen Jim Root and Mick Thomson to vibe on the unusually positive story behind We Are Not Your Kind, and what to expect when the masked marauders make the trek down under this October.
50 years since it first took the world by storm, The Beatles’ game-changing 11th album remains a cornerstone of modern pop music. And later this month, the Antipodean Rock Collective (driven by ex-Powderfinger frontman Darren Middleton) are due to give it the live celebration it’s deserved since release.
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