Wunderbar: the new album from Aussie rock icons The Living End, and the German word to describe it. Matt Doria sits down with frontman Chris Cheney to riff on the band’s most crucial, confident and organic album in 20 years.
Bigger, brighter and giving less f***s than ever, the politically charged pop-punks in Muncie Girls are making tsunami-sized waves with LP2.
There’s something different about Dan Brown’s guitar tones on the new Amity Affliction album. Turns out he’s made the switch to the Big F.
Though it admittedly stales towards the end, Dead Letter Circus is a must-listen for all progheads.
Halestorm are keeping the flame for old-school guitar rock alive. frontwoman Lzzy Hale talks about writing songs you don’t ultimately like, and why she stopped seeing her first guitar teacher.
Her fourth album of fierce and fastidious mind‑melters, it’s as apparent as ever that Cash Savage can do no wrong.
Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s long and storied career could serve as a definition for the successful modern guitarist. Australian Guitar caught up with him to talk about his new album, upcoming tour dates and feelings toward the controversial delay pedal.
Much like its cover art, the English emo-punks’ second LP is dark, dramatic and doused all over with an alchemistic complexity.
A self-managed prog god with a keen eye for architecture, Plini brings a fresh new angle to the world of guitar music. So much so, Steve Vai has even described him as “the future of exceptional guitar playing.”
It's easy to believe Josh Homme’s platitudes about Australia being his favourite place. When he says he loves us, we buy it.
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