It’s the golden age of ‘90s rock comebacks, and after almost a decade of our begging, Magic Dirt have cracked. In the midst of their first tour since ’09, Matt Doria caught up with frontwoman Adalita Srsen to get unashamedly nostalgic.
In true AFI fashion, The Missing Man is loud, lucid and flips the script on everything we thought we knew about the Californian quartet. Guitarist Jade Puget fills us in on how the alt-rock mainstays made their new EP an album-sized event.
"They left the stage knowing that there is still love in our hearts for Interpol, and we hope it isn’t another eight years before we see them here again."
If nothing else, Delta teaches us that it’s not always worth holding out hope for redemption.
Restless Noise is an aptly titled, 17-minute tidal wave of fuzzy leads, roaring hooks and absurdly catchy choruses.
Alex Wilson chats with one of our biggest homegrown musicians to touch on his deep theories behind songwriting and guitar solos, and provide a check-in for those fighting mental illness in the music industry.
Few of rock’s minds are as sharp, dramatic or whimsical as that of Dallon Weekes. With his newest project, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (or iDKHow), the ex-Panic! At The Disco and Brobecks oddball turns his mind to the DIY dynamism and colourful quirkiness of the ‘80s.
Two decades into their tenure, Thrice are still the undefeated kings of post-hardcore. Ahead of their 2019 Australian tour, Matt Doria sits down with guitarist Teppei Teranishi to figure out just what their secret is.
From Sydney’s underground to the international spotlight: the dramacore deviants in Hellions are making catastrophically huge waves in the rock scene, and with Rue, those are only getting bigger. Matt Doria dives deep. Photo by Alex Jay.
Though only two EPs deep in their tenure, Moaning Lisa have cemented themselves as a driving force in the future of Australian rock.
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