At the ripe old age of 16, Lewis de Jong is a venerable guitar hero, tearing riffs in one of New Zealand’s most prized metal exports, Alien Weaponry. With their second tour of Oz around the corner, Matt Doria got de Jong on the line for a quality yarn.
The instrumentals on Olympic Girls are often so meticulous and mountain-esque that one listen is hardly enough to soak in every mind‑melting element at play.
The enormously juicy -Anon. tour kicks off next week!
"They're destined to go down in history amongst Australia's biggest and best, and shows like tonight's – the kind of show that punters look back on decades later with heartfelt reverence – are proof of that."
"You have to wonder if Slash took a page from Futurama's book and made a deal with the Devil for the perfect pair of soloing hands."
"When Keith Urban is good, he's really good. The guy knows it, too – hell, he's known it for 20 years plus at this point. He can play the guitar like a motherf***in' riot."
Unforgivingly valiant and distinctly DIY, Girls Rock! is breaking down the barriers keeping young women and trans youth from realising their musical potential. We unpack the camp’s powerful and pertinent ethos with the badass women behind it.
It’s the golden age of ‘90s rock comebacks, and after almost a decade of our begging, Magic Dirt have cracked. In the midst of their first tour since ’09, Matt Doria caught up with frontwoman Adalita Srsen to get unashamedly nostalgic.
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