Is it too late now to say sorry? According to Totally Unicorn... Who f***in' cares?
Introducing a wild new project from two of the ultra bright minds behind Rackett.
One listen through William Crighton's 2018 album – the criminally underrated Empire – is enough to belly up permanent goosebumps.
“Epic” is an overused cliché of a word, but there’s really no other way to describe the Emperor experience.
It didn’t seem possible, but with album #6, Bring Me The Horizon have once again taken their game-changing brand of metalcore mania to the next level (or, like, the next three). Ahead of the band’s Australian tour in support of it, guitarist Lee Malia gives us a first-hand look into the weird and wonderful world of Amo.
Morbid Stuff is out this week!
An attempt at reconciling my love of art that's created by a person with a problematic past.
The local shredders were just announced as the main support for Sevendust's 2019 Australian tour!
A bonafide supergroup of Sydney’s most dynamic DIY idols, Sports Bra mesh themes of platonic love and queer liberation into monolithic post‑punk anthems for emo kids seeking a slither of wholesomeness.
An exclusive look at our powerful interview with Gary Clark Jr, only available in Australian Guitar #132.
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