With his latest album Rainbow Valley out, Matt Corby is settling into life at the forefront of Australian music. Australian Guitar caught up with him to talk about his creative process, and the challenges this singer-songwriter has faced broadening his approach beyond the guitar.
The indie-rock mind-melter is on the cusp of releasing the first of a career-defining four-EP saga.
The literary cliche of “making something great again” is far overplayed at this point, but when it comes to WAAX and songs about self-love… Well... You get the point. 
"While the Arctic Monkeys didn’t short-change us by any means, what they gave us felt a bit devoid of heart and soul, as if they were just going through the motions."
Days away from the release of their debut EP, Sweater Curse are in crazy high spirits!
We wouldn't accept a million dollars to kill Joyce Manor – their show is just too bloody good.
The indie-rock trailblazer is set to showcase Lush to sold-out crowds Down Under this week.
Foxing's first ever Australian tour kicks off THIS. WEEK.
Live photos from Maroon 5 in Sydney on Feb 21st, 2019.
The blackgaze warriors are bringing Ordinary Corrupt Human Love to Australia later this month.
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