"On their loose and laidback fourth album, Melbourne pot-punks The Bennies have truly mastered the art of the vibe."
With their red-hot debut album just around the bend, we catch up summer scorcher factory West Thebarton.
Grunge-pop trailblazers Tired Lion are taking their stunning debut album, Dumb Days, out for a spin on the regional touring circuit. Matt Doria dives a little deeper into the album with frontwoman Sophie Hopes.
The biggest UNIFY yet has come to an end, but our high from it rages on. We fire off the best moments from this year's heavy music gathering!
The world is probably going to end soon – nuclear Christmas, and all – but in the meantime, at least we have some top notch political fusion-metal to jam out to. Matt Doria catches up with axe-slinging icon Tom Morello to unlock the prophecy (of rage).
Slurring "it's just rock 'n' rollllll…" over a mess of guitars, Liam Gallagher's a man who's spent his entire life doing exactly that.
Though The Sin And The Sentence is rooted in a contemporary style, huge chunks dive back into the Trivium known for high-energy blast beats, screams and wild, powerful solos.
30 years into his career, To The Bone sees Steven Wilson blending his pop and prog sensibilities more audaciously than ever before. Australian Guitar got him on the phone to talk about, among other things, why the '80s were so good.
Muse remain a fascinating musical paradox, but nevertheless a compelling one.
The Fender Custom Shop is the place where guitarists’ wildest dreams come true. Craig Carroll caught some time with Custom Shop CEO Andy Mooney for a chat.
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