Name: Murat Aktürk

Currently playing with: Daddy Long Legs.

Usually found playing?

All over New York City and beyond, every single day. I never leave town without a guitar.

Years on the fretboard? 20 years and counting.

How would you describe your playing style?

For me, there’s no style without substance, and my substance comes from raising myself on a steady diet of rock’n’roll guitarists like Johnny Thunders & Wayne Kramer, Ronnie & Keith, Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry... That’s my cup of meat. All of that brought me to the blues, and here I am today. Currently I play mostly open-tuned slide stuff, and I’ve recently been trying to wrap my head around the finger style playing of people like Big Bill Broonzy and Lightnin’ Hopkins. And I’m always heavily influenced by Spanish gypsy guitar players and Turkish electric saz players. So whatever comes out of me when I’m stomping my feet and beating my guitar on stage, is because all of this stuff. That’s my style and I’m stickin’ to it.

First axe?

A $30 Harmony acoustic on my 10th birthday. Have to thank my mum and dad for that one.

Current Axe?

I have a few, but my main ones right now are a black Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin with a single P-90 in the neck position, a Zemaitis GZA-500 acoustic and a Gibson ES-135.


I’m a chronic amp borrower, but most Fenders with “reverb” in the name will do. Preferably a small combo with a single speaker, like a Deluxe. In front of that goes a Boss tuning pedal, Ibanez delay for slapback echo and a Boss tremolo pedal.

Secret weapon?

A brass slide, black capo, and a beautiful blonde.

Favourite guitarist of all time?

Chuck Berry.

Favourite Current Local Player?

That would have to be Brian Hurd on the blues harp and Josh Styles on the drums.

Current Release?

Two simultaneous releases on the great Norton Records: Evil Eye On You by Daddy Long Legs, and The Vampire by T. Valentine & Daddy Long Legs.


Photo: Anita Posada